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Book Review: Say You're Sorry by Michael Robotham

Say You're Sorry by Michael Robotham

Michael Robotham has done it again! He’s delivered another page-turning, completely enthralling read, with complex and engaging characters and a plot that will leave you breathless.

Piper Hadley and her friend best friend Tash went missing three years ago, but no one knows what has happened to them. Some suspect foul play, but most people think these two teenagers have simply run away. Tash is beautiful but wild, Piper is plain but athletic. As time goes on it is only their families that still cling to hope they will come back. In reality, they have been kidnapped and imprisoned by a man they refer to as ‘George’, their world reduced to a small basement room.

But then Tash manages to escape, promising to come back with rescuers to save Piper. And then clinical psychologist Joe O’Loughlin is called to assess the possible killer of a couple in their own home and he finds a connection to the missing girls . The police case to find the girls is re-opened and it becomes a race against time to save Piper, alone in her damp dungeon, and increasingly despairing.

The action moves between Piper, trapped underground, who slowly reveals how the girls came to be in their predicament, and Joe O’Loughlin, on the surface, trying to uncover clues to where Piper has been taken. Piper is young but surprisingly brave and resilient – while Joe is a talented psychologist, adept to reading the truth in people’s faces and stories, but battling Parkinson’s Disease in his life, and desperately missing his estranged wife. He is a compelling and likeable flawed hero.

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