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Book Review: Never Saw It Coming by Linwood Barclay

Never Saw It Coming by Linwood Barclay

Linwood Barclay is an experienced thriller writer and this book is a knockout. The story centres around Keisha Ceylon who claims to be a psychic, but in reality she is a con woman skilled at taking money from families with missing loved ones, claiming she’s had a vision about their whereabouts. She always asks for the money upfront and gives them just enough made-up information to sound credible before disappearing into the woodwork. When she sees a distraught man pleading for his wife to come home on TV she prepares to contact her latest mark. She visits the man at home, but unfortunately her phoney vision is close enough to the truth that it leaves the man rattled and uncompliant. Everything goes horribly wrong and she is forced to take desperate measures to fix the situation – a situation that becomes one of life and death.

Keisha is a fully rounded character who is likeable despite her questionable profession. The boyfriend who lives with her has turned into a lazy layabout who expects her to be the breadwinner. Keisha is determined to lose him and start afresh with her young son and this job offers the chance for her to do that. But suddenly she is caught up in a web of violence and deceit where she has to rely on her unreliable boyfriend. This novella is well worth the read – and the ending? Well, you may not see it coming.

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