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Book Review: Misconception by Jay-Jay Feeney

Misconception by Jay-Jay Feeney

This is an astonishingly honest memoir, one that is a mix of humour and heartbreak – some of the passages were so moving that they brought tears to my eyes. Jay-Jay Feeney is a well-known and much loved radio host in New Zealand, but behind her very successful career is a lot of personal heartache. She had a tough childhood with plenty of serious problems to overcome – but the book concentrates mainly on the infertility that she and her husband, Don Harvey, have endured – and their many years of IVF treatment in the hope that they will have a baby of their own one day.

For couples who are infertile, I would say that this book would be extremely helpful to them. It doesn’t sugar coat anything, but with humour and honesty, Jay-Jay lays open the medical procedures and the toll physically, emotionally and financially. Dom also writes in the book, so it is wonderful to get her husband’s point of view also. But even for those without fertility issues, I would heartily recommend this book because it is a fascinating look into Jay-Jay’s life. She has certainly had some amazing highs (how many of us get to meet Tom Cruise in person?) – and some undeniable lows, but Jay-Jay emerges through this is a woman who is brave and courageous, caring and kind and compassionate, humorous, and a woman who clearly has a positive impact on the lives of the people who are lucky enough to know her. You certainly can’t say her life is boring and I admire Jay-Jay for taking some of the lemons that life has handed her and turning them into lemonade.

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