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Book Review: Good as Dead by Mark Billingham

Good as Dead by Mark Billingham

In my opinion this is Mark Billingham’s best book yet! Mark Billingham is most famous for the Tom Thorne character that he has created, an experienced Detective Inspector, who is a bit worn around the edges by life and his job – and in Good as Dead the author again has Tom Thorne investigating a case that proves to be complicated, to say the least, especially when the life of police officer Helen Weeks is on the line.

The novel opens with Helen Weeks walking into her local newsagent on her way to work. Her life is in danger when the newsagent takes her and another man hostage. His demand? The Newsagent wants Tom Thorne to investigate the death of his son, who died in youth custody the year before. He is convinced his son didn’t commit suicide but was instead murdered. This is a book where the stakes are enormously high. The newsagent is desperate to force someone to reinvestigate his son’s death, although he stands to lose his liberty, but as time moves on, he becomes increasingly unstable. Helen Weeks is forced to use her wits as the situation spirals out of control. And Tom Thorne has to fast-track his detective methods if he has any hope of discovering the truth, and any hope of saving the hostages. I couldn’t put this novel down, it’s heart-palpitating and thrilling, an exhilarating roller-coaster of a read!

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