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Book Review: Black Hills by Nora Roberts

Black Hills by Nora Roberts

Nora Roberts is a one woman publishing phenomenon and she has had millions of books published world-wide. If you have never tried a Nora Roberts novel I’d suggest you start with Black Hills to see why she is so popular. Nora Roberts sure can tell one heck of a story! She has a natural talent for great characterisation, and just like her other novels, in Black Hills she quickly creates strong and believable characters that vividly come to life – characters to really care for.

Lil Chance first meets Cooper Sullivan when he comes to visit his grandfather’s cattle ranch in South Dakota. She’s ten and a confident country girl; he’s eleven and a city slicker through and through, sulky and miserable, sent away by his parents who are on the verge of separating. But against all odds, the pair strikes up a friendship, one that develops over time with Cooper’s annual visits into adult passion.

The story fast-forwards twelve years when Cooper returns to the ranch, after abruptly breaking up with Lil many years before. He returns to help his grandparents but quickly learns that a psychopathic killer is stalking Lil and her Chance Wildlife Refuge. Old instincts take over as Cooper battles to keep Lil from harm – and as they struggle to understand who is threatening Lil, they also are forced to examine their past. Why did Cooper really leave and break Lil’s heart? What does an unsolved murder from the past have to do with the psychopath who is after Lil? And what does any of this have to do with the beautiful cougars and other wild animals that Lil cares for? Black Hills is a compelling read. The tension mounts as the killer circles closer to Lil – the hunter pursuing the hunted – and the sexual tension notches up even higher as the two protagonists circle each other, still desperately in love, but angry and wary of each other at the same time. Read this and you’ll see why Nora Roberts is a number one bestseller around the world.

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