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Book Review: Want You Dead by Peter James

Want You Dead by Peter James

The title very much says what this book is about. A psychopathic killer wants to murder his ex-girlfriend. But first he wants to destroy everything in her life, starting with brutally murdering her new boyfriend…

Red Westwood has no idea how much her life is going to change for the worse when she meets the highly charming Bryce Laurent through an online dating agency. They have an instant attraction and she is completely besotted with this George Clooney-handsome man and his fascinating background. Their love doesn’t just smoulder, it explodes – but when Red finds herself living with Bryce she discovers a liar and bully and her love fades to terror. Under police protection she turfs him out of her life – but that is just the beginning of her nightmare when he decides that if he can’t have her, then no one else can…

I have never read a Peter James novel before, but he has been writing bestsellers since the 80s, and this is the 10th novel featuring Detective Superintendent Roy Grace, a highly principled and interesting character. Red is a very compelling character also, but I never find passages from a psychopathic killer’s point of view interesting as they never seem particularly believable, and in this novel it is no exception. I could have done with less of the killer’s self-absorbed and delusional rants. But the plot line whizzes along with plenty of twists and turns and the ending is unexpected but very satisfying. I would definitely like to read more novels by Peter James, especially more books featuring Roy Grace.

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