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Book Review: Spinning Out by Christine Darcas

Spinning out by Christine Darcas

As well as being a writer, Christine Darcas has won awards for Latin-American dancing, and in her latest novel, Spinning Out, she takes the reader into the fascinating world of competition dancing. Ginny is a high flying advertising executive in New York, but when she is made redundant she decides to spend three months with her good friend Eloise in Melbourne. She’s had enough of everything – her career, her ex-boyfriend Simon who keeps luring her into his bed, and her interfering mother Barbara. But when she arrives in Melbourne she is attracted to a local vet, Lachlan, and what was intended to be a fling becomes something much more. And years after hanging up her ballet shoes she is drawn into the world of Latin-American dancing. It’s not long before she has to make some choices – should she move back to New York or stay in Melbourne? What is more important – career or love? And she still has to contend with the issue of her troubled relationship with her mother and the thought she may be making some of the same mistakes in her own life…

This is a wonderful read that does a great job exploring all the various relationships that Ginny has in her life and while Ginny has to make some life-changing decisions – and things don’t always go to plan – she rediscovers her passion for dance. The dance scenes are some of the best elements of the book. It’s sure to get your toes tapping, but make you think about the complexity of life at the same time. This is a novel that at first seems light and easy, but as it progresses it is more substantial than you first thought. This is a charming story written with flair.

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