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Book Review: Breakpoints by Dr Mike Ashby

Breakpoints by Dr Mike Ashby

Enough though I have my own business, I haven’t finished many business books. The ones I’ve dipped into are either so full of jargon they are unreadable, or they are telling you pretty much what you already know. Well, hold onto your hats, I’ve just finished reading Breakpoints, and I would say if you are going to read one business book in your lifetime this is the book. Dr Mike Ashby is a business speaker and advisor who has run development programmes for business owners for over ten years. He also has had a wealth of experience in a variety of roles in business. Reading Breakpoints, he clearly knows what he is talking about.

Dr Mike examines the seven mistakes that are common in business. He looks at how you can recapture your energy and drive. He talks about decluttering and then growing your business. He also talks about defining your vision and purpose. The advice is written in easy-to-read language, with simple and practical solutions to take your business to the next level. There are numerous, engaging examples that bring the text to life.

I read my book with a pencil in one hand, and I’ve highlighted a score of things that I thought were worth incorporating into my own business and life. And that’s one of the many things I love about Breakpoints – it celebrates life and shows how people can work more successfully in business and have more enjoyable lives as a result. My favourite tip? It’s almost impossible to choose. I liked his comments about mental health and feeling gratitude for what you have. He’s also very clear on the number of hours you should be working each week – any more than 45 hours a week on a consistent basis, and you are ineffective and are constraining the business. Settling for less and working too hard? I’m sure we have all done that at some stage, but Breakpoints shows us how not to fall into this trap.

Engaging and practical – this is the book for anyone with a business, whether it is small or large. Invaluable reading.

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