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Book Review: Kindness and Lies by Lisa Scott

Kindness and Lies by Lisa Scott

Local writer Lisa Scott has penned a fabulous and unputdownable account of that examines the pivotal relationships each of us have in our lives. Husbands, children, mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters, work mates and friends, and even pets – Lisa uses funny and often poignant examples from her own life to talk about these key relationships, and how they shape us.

I found myself laughing out loud at many of the stories in the book. Lisa is an extremely funny writer! I challenge you to read the section about Lisa going to A&E after slipping on a puddle of cat sick – only to have a lady police officer quiz her about possible domestic violence – without exploding into laughter. But much of the book is also moving and thought-provoking, and I certainly found the sections where Lisa talks about her sister’s anorexia when she was younger, and her own battle with bulimia, to be sensitively written and profound.

Kindness and Lies is a book I would recommend to all. It appears to be light and funny, but at the heart of it is the wonderful, complex and sometimes crazy relationships in our lives, there in all their human folly and glory. As well as examples from her own life, Lisa has talked to a myriad of other people as part of her research and that makes it an even more interesting read. Lisa has won many awards for her writing, and it’s no wonder – she ticks all the boxes for delivering a great read on every level.

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