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Book Review: Bellman & Black by Dianne Setterfield

Bellman & Black by Dianne Setterfield

From the acclaimed author of The Thirteenth Tale comes an atmospheric and unsettling novel about life, love and death. When William Bellman is a boy he kills a rook with his catapult, but soon forgets this cruel act as he grows from exuberant boy to a very successful business man. He is extremely focussed with his work of running the local mill, he marries and has four beautiful children. He is a man blessed.

But then tragedy strikes, people around him die, and a recurring stranger in black appears at the various funerals. Just when William is about to lose all the precious things he has left, he enters into a bargain with the stranger in black and Bellman & Black, a decidedly macabre business, is born. Dianne Setterfield is a wonderful writer and this novel will have you turning the pages while biting your nails at the same time.

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