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Book Review: A Good Girl Comes Undone by Polly Williams

A Good Girl Comes Undone by Polly Williams

If you like your ‘chick lit’ light but not too light, fun but not farce, then this is the book for you. Polly Williams has a distinctive and appealing writing style that spins a great tale about a young woman, Anne, who is a hard-working, controlled and, well, good. She’s a woman who’ll work late without complaint even as her boss swans out of the office for a beauty appointment leaving her with even more problems to solve – and she’s ready for the responsibility of a mortgage with her gorgeous live-in boyfriend, Nick. But things take a turn for the unknown when Nick chucks in his job to ‘find himself’ and there is a new alpha male executive at work, Don. You guessed it – Anne finds herself increasingly attracted to Don, despite the growing evidence that he is not just insufferably rude and opinionated, but also secretive and possibly dishonest. There are plenty of surprises as the story unfolds at a tearaway pace and Anne’s controlled and perfect life begins to unravel in unexpected and seemingly disastrous ways. This novel also features a delightful cast of supporting characters, friends, family and work colleagues, that will make you chuckle. A Good Girl Comes Undone is funny and fresh; a fabulous easy read that ultimately satisfies.

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