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What is the best structure for your book?

Are you stuck on the structure for the book idea you have? Not sure what will be the best framework for your fiction or non-fiction book? Here are some common structures to get you thinking:

  • Journey/trip. This is the classic travel book structure that follows a journey from beginning to end, that also can work well for fiction.

  • Chronological. This is when you use the passing of time so you begin at the earliest part of the chronology and then go in linear fashion to the end of the story.

  • Reworked chronological. In this structure you jump into the middle of the story by flash forwarding to a vital scene, then you deal with earlier parts of the story, before picking up the later part of the plotline.

  • Structure by function. In this structure you organize by how something is made, is done, works or comes to be.

  • Convergent narratives. Several stories running side-by-side that converge at some point appropriate to the theme of the book.

  • Spiral. Moving through the material in a cyclical sequence and building on it as you go.

  • Mosaic. Building your material piece-by-piece gradually forming an overall picture.

  • Orchestrated. You can come at the topic through a range of approaches, somewhat like using different instruments in an orchestra.

I hope that helps with the book you are thinking about!


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