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Mindsharing by Lior Zoref

Mindsharing by Lior Zoref

I really enjoyed this non-fiction book that explores the usefulness of ‘crowd wisdom’, a topic I have read about before, but Lior shows through practial examples how this might work in your own life.

Basically the premise of the book is that a diverse group of acquaintances, these days accsessed through social media such as Facebook and Twitter, has the ability to create bettter solutions for us than our close friends and family with their own particular biases and concerns. Lior refers to a number of landmark studies which adds weight to his argument, but the book is at its most engaging and interesting when he tells his own personal story. He tells an extremely humorous story of how he came to do a TED talk – but even more incredibly, how he ended up taking an ox onto the TED stage to illustrate his points. He has become international speaker on crowd wisdoom and he clearly knows what he is talking about. He has many practical tips for others who also want to harness the power of crowd wisdom from the virtual villlage in their own lives – whether it be their pesonal or business lives.

Insightful, practical, humorous and engaging - this is a great read.

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