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Book Review: The Food of Love Cookery School by Nicky Pellegrino

The Food of Love Cookery School by Nicky Pellegrino

What a fabulous novel this is! Set in Italy it has unforgettable characters, a plot that just races along, all with the evocative backdrop of a sunny, Sicilian baroque mountain town as its backdrop. Four women arrive for an experience of a lifetime – each of them has enrolled in That’s Amore cooking school. Each of the women are at cross roads in their lives. All want something more than new recipes and cooking skills from their time in Sicily.Poppy is from Australia and has recently divorced from her husband. She is open to new experiences and thinks that her grandfather may have lived here many years ago before immigrating. Valerie has lost her partner of 20 years and is wondering if she'll ever be loved again. Moll is the only one who is truly passionate about food, but she is hiding a secret. And Tricia is trapped in a job she hates and will do anything to escape it.

Luca Amore runs these cooking holidays and has taught many a tourist how to cook the dishes passed down to him by his family. He expects this course will be much like the others. He’ll cook, he’ll take his clients sightseeing and they will become friends before they pack up and return home. But he’s in for a big surprise this time around.

This is a delightful romance novel that captures the sights and flavours of the Mediterranean. And for foodies there is an extra special delights – recipes that will have your mouth watering. A very pleasant way to while away an afternoon in the weekend.

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