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Book Review: Summer Secrets by Jane Green

Summer Secrets by Jane Green

Summer Secrets takes the reader into the world of a character who is an alcoholic. Cat Coombs is a London journalist and in her late 20s when she finally realises she has a problem with alcohol, and she might need some help. When she wakes up in bed in a strange man’s apartment, Jason, himself a recovering alcoholic, this sets her on a path towards sobriety. But this is a long pathway. When she discovers that her deceased father wasn’t her biological father, she travels to Nantucket to meet the father she never knew she had, as well as two half-sisters.

But Cat’s trip to Nantucket proves to be a disaster when she hits the bottle again. And years later, when she returns to try to make amends, past and present collide in ways that will surprise. Jane Green has clearly done a lot of research, and she takes the reader into the nightmare of what it must be like to be an alcoholic, and the storm of destruction they can leave in the lives of the loved ones around them. A fabulous, page-turning book, with much more depth than it would appear at first glance.

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