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Book Review: She is Not Invisible by Marcus Sedgwick

She is not Invisible by Marcus Sedgwick

Laureth Peak’s father is a famous writer, best known for his books that he used to write that are popular and funny. But for years he’s been obsessed with writing a novel about coincidence. His wife thinks he has lost his mind. Laureth thinks he is undergoing a mental breakdown. He’s supposed to be doing some research in Switzerland, so when his notebook shows up in New York Laureth knows that something is wrong. On the spur of the moment Laureth steals her mother’s credit card, abducts her little brother Benjamin, and they manage to fly from London to New York without being stopped by the authorities. And there they embark on a page-turning adventure trying to find their dad.

This is a very clever and engaging novel for children and young adults. The characterisation is impeccable. Laureth is not just another teenager, she is a courageous blind teenager who doesn’t want to be pitied and she doesn’t want to be invisible. Her little brother Benjamin is a loner who likes reading and who has what the family calls ‘the Benjamin effect’ – which you will have to read the book to find out what it is exactly. It manages to explore some meaty themes while still having loads of action. And much of the novel centres around the numbers 3-4-5 – you can check afterwards to see the many clever ways the author has worked these numbers into the book. Original, fun and memorable.

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