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Book Review: Red Moon by Benjamin Percy

Red Moon by Benjamin Percy

This is a novel that would probably best be described as a political thriller, with elements of horror and fantasy. Red Moon is set in the world we live in – with all the modern things like laptops, Facebook, Britney Spears music and teenagers more concerned about their appearance and fitting in than anything of substance. But in this fictional world there is a section of US society that is being actively discriminated against. These people – referred to as Lycans – are forced to take medication to stop them being able to ‘transform’, their only difference from ‘regular’ people. They are also often discriminated against in terms of jobs and education. The Resistance is determined to change all of that. Supporters view them as freedom fighters, detractors see them as terrorists. But they become the focus of the entire world when they send operatives onto three jumbo jets filled with civilians with devastating results. Patrick, a regular teenage boy, is on one of the flights and, apart from the pilots, he is the only person to survive the blood bath. Claire, a Lycan teenage girl, has to go on the run in the aftermath when her parents are brutally murdered in the Lycan round-ups. Claire and Patrick’s stories are set to collide in a new world on the verge of all-out war, as President Chase (a very unpleasant and unlikable character) seeks re-election at any cost. This is an intriguing, if very violent read, with interesting themes and a story line set on an epic scale. There are definitely shades of 9/11, corrupt politicians and the war on terror in this tale. The viewpoints shift between a variety of characters, allowing the war between Lycans and non-Lycans, and the different factions in each camp, to be finally revealed in all its conflicting fullness. It’s not a story of good versus evil, but a much more complicated tale of people fighting for what they believe in, although what they believe in is often flawed. The ending of this book ramps the story up to an entirely new level (sorry, no spoilers here) and I’m definitely keen to see what is going to happen in the next instalment.

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