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Book Review: Lullaby by Amanda Hocking

ullaby by Amanda Hocking

Amanda Hocking was a millionaire before the age of 20 from writing her young adult novels and it is easy to see why her books are so popular. Lullaby enthrals from the opening paragraph with tight, explosive writing that will keep you turning the pages. In the first paragraph the main character Harper wakes up and remembers being attacked when out the previous night and that her sister Gemma turned into some kind of mermaid and disappeared into the ocean…. What an opening!

Unknown to Harper, Gemma has been cursed and turned into a siren, a beautiful creature with mesmerising but terrible powers, who chooses to go with the other sirens Penn, Lexi and Thea to save her boyfriend and her sister from being killed. Harper won’t give up on trying to find her missing sister and enlists the help of Daniel, which brings them closer than she would like… But even if Harper does find Gemma, can she reverse the curse?

This ticks the boxes for a great read for young adults. Plenty of action, snappy dialogue, great characters and plenty of tension, with a little bit of potential romance put into the mix. Very addictive.

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