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Book Review: Iron House by John Hart

Iron House by John Hart

John Hart is an American writer who knows how to write a thriller that keeps you holding onto the edge of your seat. This is an atmospheric and compelling novel that ticks all the boxes for a great plot, memorable characters and page-turning suspense.

The novel is about two brothers who survive being abandoned and time in a brutal orphanage who go on to live very different lives. Michael ends up on the street but he then finds a refuge of sorts in the Mob. He becomes a professional killer with a contract on his head but he is a man whose heart is not entirely made of stone, having made sacrifices as a child to protect his baby brother Julian, and as an adult to honour his adopted Mob father. Julian has the easier childhood when he is adopted and an easier adulthood when he goes onto write bestselling children’s novels, but he is tortured by both the past and the present.

When the two brothers meet again after two decades their lives collide in surprising ways and their long overdue reunion is mired by death, deception, shady secrets and mystery. Their reunion becomes a fight for survival against all odds, and for Julian, a fight for his sanity. I’d highly recommend this novel. John Hart has the rare ability to create a plot with twists and turns that’s still believable – the action always driven by the needs and wants of the characters who are fully formed. Be warned, however, once you start reading this book, you won’t want to put it down!

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