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Book Review: Daughters of Rome by Kate Quinn

Daughters of Rome by Kate Quinn

This page-turning and utterly enthralling novel captures the decadence and corruption of Rome in its decline, told from the point of view of four feisty women, one of whom is destined to become an Empress of Rome. It is set in A.D 69 after Nero has died, in a time of plots and intrigue. Beautiful and elegant Cornelia, at first glance, seems the luckiest of the four women – she has been happily married for eight years and her husband is highly favoured by the right people who matter in their privileged world. Her sister Marcella is married to a man who is never in Rome but instead away fighting campaigns, but she is content to record history as it happens around her. At the start of the novel their cousin, spirited nineteen-year-old Lollia is marrying her third husband and it is clear that her grandfather will probably arrange more marriages for her in the future. Their other cousin, Diana, is obsessed with horses and people wonder if a man will ever succeed in taming her... When there is a bloody coup each woman must do what they can to survive.

This is a fabulous read – a book that encompasses all the intrigue and brutality of its time, including gladiators and savage beasts, power-hungry emperors and scheming families, with characters that are wonderfully written and a setting that brings the period to life. Daughters of Rome is riveting and intriguing, a great piece of storytelling.

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