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Book Review: Brave Girl Eating by Harriet Brown

Brave Girl Eating by Harriet Brown

I was anorexic when I was a teenager, so know firsthand how devastating this potentially deadly disease can be. I also wrote a book about eating disorders, Feast or Famine, several years ago that you will see on this website and through my research read many books on the subject discovering that books on this subject fall into two distinct camps – those that are helpful to victims of eating disorders and their families – and those that are extremely harmful and are more like a ‘how to’ guide. Brave Girl Eating thankfully falls into the first camp of books and I believe it is a book that is extremely useful for parents of children or teenagers who have anorexia and still live at home.

Brave Girl Eating is the very personal account of a mother’s fight to help her teenage daughter overcome anorexia. It is an intelligent and extremely honest book that shows how difficult this disease is to treat – it really pulls no punches about the toll it takes, not just the person with the illness, but also the entire family – but it also offers hope that current treatments, in this case the Maudsley Approach developed in the UK, can result in a journey back to well-being.

This is a compelling and inspiring story of the strength of a family banding together, with the help of professionals, to wage war against anorexia and the book is packed full of useful information to help combat this complicated disease.

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