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Book Review: Bleed for Me by Michael Robotham

Bleed for Me by Michael Robotham

Michael Robotham is fantastic writer! After reading Bleed for Me, I am eager to read all of his other novels. Bleed For Me follows the story of psychologist Joe O’Loughlin who is trying to figure out what happened to his daughter’s best friend, Sienna, after she turned up at his family home one evening, covered in blood and clearly in shock. When her father, a retired cop, is found murdered in his own home many believe his daughter is responsible for his death as the blood covering Sienna was his. But she can’t remember anything from that night and although she doesn’t mourn her father’s death, Joe becomes involved in trying to discover what really happened – and what part her charismatic teacher Gordon Ellis played in the event.

I couldn’t put this book down. It wasn’t just the intriguing plotline that kept me reading, but also the wonderful and compelling characterisation of Joe – a man burdened by the onset of Parkinson’s disease and separation from his wife of twenty-six years, perplexed about what went wrong when he loves her just as much as when they first married. He can only explain it as ‘I am not the man she married. I am not the man she left. I am half that man, searching for the rest.’ Indeed in this novel he is searching for answers to what has happened to Sienna and her murdered father – but he is also searching for reasons why his own life has unravelled. This is an intelligent psychological thriller that is compelling and multi-layered.

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