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Book Review: Angelfall by Susan Ee

Angelfall by Susan Ee

Angelfall has been compared to The Hunger Games, and it is easy to see why this comparison has been made. There is an older sister motivated to help her younger sister in a new and violent world. But that is where the comparison should end in this original and captivating book, the start of a new young adult fantasy series.

17-year-old Penryn is trying desperately to look after her family, her mentally ill mother, and her seven-year-old sister who is in a wheelchair. Six weeks after the angels of the apocalypse have virtually destroyed most of the world, they are eking out a hand to mouth existence, trying to avoid the angels overhead and the brutal gangs that have taken over the apocalyptic streets. But then Penryn’s little sister is snatched by an angel, and Penryn is forced to team up with another angel, Raffe, who was left for dead after being attacked. He wants his wings sewn back on, she wants her sister back, so they team up and journey to San Francisco to the angels’ headquarters.

This novel is a thrilling, addictive read and I’m eager for the next in the series to see how Penryn and her family are faring. Be warned that some of the scenes in the book are violent, but there is also lighter moments and some gentle humour – and growing chemistry and tension between the two main characters.


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