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Book Review: A Man You Can Bank On by Derek Hansen

A Man You Can Bank On by Derek Hansen - crime and humour!

Derek Hansen worked in advertising for years before penning his first novel and since then he has been writing full time. A Man You Can Bank On is the first novel I’ve read of his and it’s a rollicking, very funny read. I wish I’d discovered him earlier!The plot opens with crims stealing $3 million dollars from bookies. They get caught and put away for ten years, but they are relatively happy to serve the time as they buried the money in the small Australian town of Munni-Munni and plan to live it up large when they get out. But unfortunately for them they were spotted burying the money and former bank manager Lambert Hampton has used his skills and the stolen money to rescue the ailing town and re-establish it with sound businesses and investments during that time. Ten years on the crims come to collect their money and the results are completely surprising, and hilarious, when you add in the new town cop, a rogue insurance investigator and two notorious hit men.

This could easily be made into a movie. The action is very visual and many of the scenes are laugh out-loud funny. A Man You Can Bank On has wonderful quirky characters, a fasted paced, page-turning plot and you really do have to read to the end to see if the ten thousand barramundi in the fish farm will survive! (Oh, and to see who survives the kidnap attempt, whether the cop gets his girl, if the town gets to keep the money...)

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