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Book Review: The Girl with all The Gifts by M.J. Carey

The Girl with all The Gifts by M.J. Carey

This is a mind-bending thriller, with aspects of horror, set in a dystopian world that is completely unputdownable and refreshingly original. Every morning 10-year-old Melanie waits in her cell, eager to go to school and see her favourite teacher, Miss Justineau. The Doctor in the facility refers to her as ‘our little genuis’, but that doesn’t stop Sergeant training his gun on her each morning as two soldiers strap her into a wheelchair. When she jokes that she won’t bite, they never laugh. And her teacher looks sad if she talks about what she would like to do in the future.

The novel is written from Melanie’s point of view and her innocent narrative voice is brilliantly done, and it is only when the strange world that Melanie resides in is finally revealed, do readers understand the true horror of her situation. There are moments of very graphic violence in this novel (some parts I admit to skipping over as I didn’t have the stomach for them) but there is also a humanity and compassion, and heroism on a very personal scale. Melanie’s character is irresistible and endearing, even when you discover what she really is. Unsettling and deeply moving.

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