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Book Review: The Gathering of the Lost by Helen Lowe

The Gathering of the Lost by Helen Lowe

This is the second instalment in the fantasy series ‘The Wall of Night’ – a series that is garnering fans around the world. New Zealander Helen Lowe has created a fantasy world that is fully realised, peopled with memorable characters, and with lots of action, conflict and dramatic tension.

Five years after our heroine Malian fled her home at the Derai Wall she has been busy on a mission – that of mustering Derai magic users to band together rather than passively accepting annihilation. It is clear that only by gathering these lost together can their people have any hope against their enemy, the Swarm. Her story becomes joined with Tarathan of Ar and Jehane Mor, heralds who witnessed a terrible massacre during the Festival of the Masks in a surprising twist of events. But events are further complicated as Malian has developed powers that allow her to remain hidden from her enemies, even when she is in plain view.

This is an epic fantasy series that is well worth your attention. Helen Lowe is a talented writer who is always in control of her imagined world – a world you will be reluctant to leave.

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