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Book Review: The Empress of Ice Cream by Anthony Capella

The Empress of Ice Cream by Anthony Capella

The Empress of Ice Cream combines history, food and romance in a way that will leave you completely satisfied after devouring the book, but hungry for the next novel from this extremely talented author. Set in the 17th Century, The Empress of Ice Cream is about the man who invented ice cream and the woman he loves. Carlo Demirco is the only man in the world who knows how to make ice cream. He is a confectioner to Louis XIV and his dishes are served for the King’s pleasure only, his recipes a closely guarded secret. He falls hopelessly in love with Louise de Keroualle, an impoverished lady-in-waiting to the Henrietta d’Angleterre, the sister of Charles II of England. But their lives are irrevocably changed when Henrietta dies and they are both sent to London. It soon becomes apparent that Charles II wants the French beauty as his mistress and Louise eventually succumbs to his considerable charms. But exactly what kind of bed has Louise made in an intrigue-filled English court, and how will heartbroken Carlo react to the situation?

Anthony Capella has clearly done a great deal of research into the history of ice cream and also the real life of Charles II’s mistress, Louise de Keroualle – and the history presented is fascinating without ever letting facts get in the way of a great story. This is gourmet fiction at its very best – an enthralling story full of surprises and set in extraordinary times. The Empress of Ice Cream is sensuously and refreshingly sweet, skilfully blended and full of rich flavour.

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