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Book Review: The Dog Stars by Peter Heller

The Dog Stars by Peter Heller

Written in an engaging and unique style, The Dog Stars is a novel that will make you smile, despite it being set in a grim and unrelenting world. A flu epidemic has killed everyone except a few isolated survivors. Hig, traumatised and grieving after the death of his wife and everyone he knows, lives a bleak existence. Only three things keep him sane – his faithful dog Jasper, his gun-toting neighbour and his Cessna airplane. Hig regularly takes off into the sky to check the perimeter of airfield he lives near. People who turn up have a habit of trying to kill Hig and his neighbour so they must be vigilant. But then one day he hears a random transmission on his plane’s radio and it ignites a hope that a better life might exist beyond the airport.

One day he makes the decision to fly past the point of no return, without enough fuel to get him back home. And that’s when the novel truly starts and he encounters things that are both better and worse than he could have hoped for. This novel is completely riveting – it is savagely funny and breathtakingly sad all at once – and it is completely different from anything else I have read before.

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