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Book Review: The Claws of the Dragon by Paul Carran

The Claws of the Dragon by Paul Carran

I thoroughly enjoyed this debut novel – a thrilling, page-turning, heart-palpitating read that also had some fantasy elements. The book opens in Taiwan in 50 BC during the time of the Han Dynasty and we learn of the legend of the Claws of the Dragon, a legend that will reverberate through the ages to the modern day, with the descendants on one side determined to harness the power of the dragon for their own evil intents, the other side determined to protect the dragon.

In 2014, Maia, a young Maori DJ has no idea that she is from a long line of woman defending the claws of the dragon, nor scientist Bi, until their mothers are murdered by others trying to steal the jade-like claws. Maia and Bi find themselves fighting together in Taiwan, alongside a CIA agent, against Fu, a megalomaniac businessman, who has stolen the fabled dragon claws with the intention of putting the ancient dragon under his power.

The story brings together many elements – loads of action and adventure, mysteries, cults, murder, cutting-edge technology and a wondrous dragon. I enjoyed the two main characters, Maia and Bi, and the sense of place, especially in the opening of the book. But be warned that the latter part of the book is not for the faint-hearted as the violence escalates and in some places becomes extremely visceral. But all in all, a great read with a satisfying ending. I hear that Paul is researching a sequel and I look forwarded to reading it in due course.


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