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Book Review: The Chosen Queen by Joanna Courtney

The Chosen Queen by Joanna Courtney

This is well-written historical fiction that takes place in Wales and England from 1055 to 1066. It is a period of history I knew little about before reading this book. The story centres around the spirited Edyth, who is the granddaughter of Lady Godiva. She is only fourteen years old when her family is exiled to Wales – and there she captures the eye of the larger than life King of Wales. He eventually makes her his wife and Queen, but their marriage comes at great cost. She finds herself on the opposing side of a bitter feud with the Earl Harold Godwinson and his handfasted wife, Lady Svana, a woman with whom she is friendly, with terrible consequences for them all.

The author does an admirable job creating a believable and attractive character from the facts of history about Edyth. The Chosen Queen is the first in a new historical fiction series that brings to life the Saxon, Viking and Norman queens. The author has obviously done a lot of research, and it is a fascinating read into another time. I’ll look forward to the next installment.

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