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Book Review: The Book of Love by Phillipa Fioretti

The Book of Love by Phillipa Fioretti

The Book of Love is a delightful, romantic comedy and author Phillipa Fioretti has an easy-reading writing style that is infused with gentle humour. Lily and Robbie are romantic and business partners who own a second-hand bookshop in Sydney. Lily is perfectly happy with her slightly eccentric life of old books and retro clothing – that is, until Robbie discovers a rare French art book of ancient Roman erotica in a shipment of books. The art book is valued conservatively at around twenty million dollars – and not long after its discovery it would appear that Robbie has disappeared with the book taking their life savings with him. Things aren’t helped when William, a Russian employed by a fine arts firm in London, turns up expecting to retrieve the stolen book. Somehow William convinces Lily to join him in following Robbie’s trail to Rome and Lily starts to question all she has ever known about her life and love. Just what will happen when they finally catch up with Robbie? Will Lily forgive him and take him back like she has before for other misdemeanours? But then again, what about the elusive and rather dashing William? Who is he really, and why is he so rudely off-hand with her when it feels like there could be a spark between them?

Phillipa Fioretti has created a contemporary love story with sparkle and wit. The Book of Love is the perfect girly read for a lazy afternoon – like a glass of cheeky bubbly it is light and effervescent and enjoyed simply for what it is – a fun read.

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