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Book Review: Requiem by Lauren Oliver

Requiem by Lauren Oliver

This is the final book in the ‘Delirium’ series, and what a page-turning, explosive read this is! Lena is caught in a world where love is considered a disease – but she has escaped Portland and is now in the Wilds with other people who have rejected taking the ‘cure’. But life is no fairytale. The government is doing a crack down and it is a brutal battle to simply survive. And Lena is caught in a no win situation after daring to fall in love for a second time, but then her first love, Alex – the one she thought was dead – reappears in her life. Who should she be loyal too?

Meanwhile on the manicured and supposedly safe streets of Portland, Lena’s former best friend, Hana, has been cured and paired to marry the new major, Fred. But as the days countdown to the wedding she becomes obsessed with finding out what happened to his first wife, who seems to have disappeared into thin air.

The story alternates between Lena and Hana until their stories collide at the novel’s end. This is a fantastic read, technically for young adults, but suitable for anyone who is young at heart.

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