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Book Review: Notorious Nineteen by Janet Evanovich

Notorious Nineteen by Janet Evanovich

Boy this series is fun! Stephanie Plum, our favourite bounty hunter, is back again in another mad-capped adventure. In the 19th instalment of this popular series she has an assignment that finally might put some serious money in her bank account. But Geoffrey Cubbin, the con man she wants to bring in, has mysteriously vanished from the hospital he was in after have an emergency appendectomy. And Stephanie is not the only one trying to find him after he embezzled millions from the local assisted-living facility...

Stephanie’s love life is just as complicated as ever. In this book she is trying to have a committed and stable relationship with Trenton’s hottest cop, Joe Morelli. But she is forced to work side by side with him on the Geoffrey Cubbin case, which puts quite a strain on them. And then there is gorgeous Ranger, with whom she has vowed not to dally with – but her good intentions are put under a great deal of temptation when she takes on a secondary bodyguard job alongside him. Add in food poisoning, death-threat notes, explosions and a bridesmaid dress from hell and this is one laugh-out-loud read. All the usual sidekicks are along too – Lula, who is still squeezing her voluptuous figure into ever decreasing, skimpy clothing, Stephanie’s mum who disappears on a regular basis to top up her ‘iced tea’, and Grandma Mazur who goes undercover at the hospital to help the case. Notorious Nineteen is a fabulous, light-hearted read with brilliant one-liners, the return of much-loved, quirky characters and an over-the-top, hilarious plot. Great entertainment!

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