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Book Review: America Pacifica by Anna North

America Pacifica by Anna North

This is an amazing piece of speculative fiction. Anna North is certainly a writer to watch. She has created a vivid alternative world in American Pacifica – an island city state that punches all the senses and has its own set of rules and regulations, where the rich live in their air-conditioned homes eating real meat and fresh vegetables, wearing fibre clothing, while the vast masses live in slums, eating reconstituted jellyfish, often on reclaimed land that is unstable, their only pleasure hits of solvent, the drug of choice.The coast of California is now frozen, and a new Ice Age has caused boatloads of residents to seek a new home on an island nation that offers warmth and hope. For eighteen-year-old Darcy America Pacifica is all she knows – a place teaming with crime and poverty under the founding dictator, a mysterious man named Tyson. It is a long way from the paradise that her mother’s generation hoped for. And when her mother suddenly disappears, Darcy is forced to go into the dark underbelly of America Pacifica where she learns many disturbing truths about its early history – and a possible plot to murder some of the first inhabitants. Revolution is in the wings and people are questioning the world they live in and if they can create a fairer and better existence for everyone. But is the mainland their parents came from really frozen? Maybe people have survived? Maybe there is a better way for them to live if they return?

America Pacifica is a thought-provoking, imaginative, slightly dark read that explores an alternative world with many of the problems of our own – greed and injustice. I look forward to reading more of this author’s work in the future.

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