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Alex by Pierre Lemaitre

Alex by Pierre Lemaitre

Many new thriller writers are often compared to Steig Larsson, but in this case I think the comparison is finally apt. This French writer has created a taunt, visceral page-turning read that has twists that take the novel to an entirely new level. A young woman, Alex, has been kidnapped and is being tortured in the most terrible way – kept in a suspended cage, naked and with not enough room to move. But as the police battle to find her, the stacks get even higher, when rats begin approaching the terrified woman. But Alex is a particularly resourceful women who isn’t about to wait for the police to come and rescue her…

This well- written thriller introduces a memorable team of French police, headed by Commandant Camille Verhoeven – a man who is extremely short and bald – but extremely professional and capable. But he doesn’t want this case. He doesn’t want another kidnap case where he might run out of time and result in a dead victim…. Especially when they have nothing to go on – no suspect and no leads. Page turning, in places terrifying, but high recommended.

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