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Reaching your readers

It is important to keep your readers in mind when you are writing. Who are they? What do you want to tell them? Why should they care? You need to know and understand your audience to write successfully for them.

When writing consider that readers need to be hooked by the title and that your first paragraph should draw them into your book. They should feel compelled to read on, even if previously they didn’t know anything about the topic you are writing about.

There are two types of readers:

  • The believer, who wants to be drawn into the writing and the world you have created.

  • The critic, who is always testing to see if the writing measures up.

Most of us, when we read a book, will want to be a believer. But if a reader switches to being a critic it may because they have had some negative reactions to the writing, that include:

  • Yawn

  • Yuck!

  • Huh? This doesn’t make sense

  • You must be having me on!

Always keep your reader and their potential reactions in mind.


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