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Some interesting numbers...

From my book Feast or Famine comes some interesting numbers that might surprise you:

  • The amount of money the diet industy makes every year: US$40 billion (and no doubt more since my book was published)

  • The percentage of people currently on a diet who do not meet the criteria for being 'overweight': 59%

  • The percentage of young people in New Zealand and Australian secondary schools who indicate that they have a negative body image: 79%

  • The number of calories people consume every day when they follow a commercial weight-loss diet: 945-1200

  • The number of calories people consumed on average per day in concentration camps in World War II: 1100

  • The number of popel who die from eating disorders every year in New South Wales, Australia: 1500

If you, or anyone you know, has an eating disorder, help can be found in my book, Feast or Famine, available as an e-book (or for limited paperback copies contact me via this website).


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