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More creative writing tips

  • Spend a day writing single words to describe the events of the day and the things you see and experience. Use these words to springboard into a story or poem.

  • Write the life of your hands. What have your hands done? What have you touched? What would you like them to do in the future?

  • Make a list of the smells from childhood. Make a list of the colours and shapes you remember. This could be the start of something special!

  • Write a page of lies. ‘The moon is green.’ ‘My sister travelled from Invercargill to Auckland on a broomstick.’ If you come up with a great lie, elaborate further…

  • Write about the most unusual person you have ever met. Go into detail, mining any details, adding the ones you don’t know.

  • Once upon a time…write a ‘fairy tale’ from your own life.

Try to write for at least 10 minutes. You might be surprised with the creative ideas you come up with!


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