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We should be outraged!

We all decry the tradition of foot binding in China, and are shocked when we see photographs of women with discs in their lips or wearing neck rings, but we now live in a society in which a recent study showed that half of all six-year-old girls are self-conscious about their bodies and don't want to wear a swimsuit. We live in a soecity where 54 percent of girls say they are dieting - most of them starting when they are 13 years old. Is it any wonder eating disorders are so prevalent?

It is thought that one-third of all young women have at least one episode of disordered eating during their lives - this is shocking, and we should be outraged.

My book Feast or Famine is now availabe as an e-book thanks to the good people at Random House. It is full of real life stories, advice from experts and strategies for people with eating disorders and their families.

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