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Unbreakable Spirit

UNBREAKABLE SPIRIT is a book that reveals the different experiences of people whose lives have been touched by cancer – whether they have had cancer themselves, or a loved one. Here is a little from the introduction of the book:

It is difficult to make sense of cancer, an age-old disease, in a modern world. Cancer can strike people of all ages without warning and takes no account of social, economic or racial boundaries. Being diagnosed with cancer is without doubt one of the most traumatic and challenging events that can happen to a person. In a world threatened by terrorist attacks and war, people are battling their very own bodies in every country on the planet.

I’m just an ordinary girl, but cancer has had an extraordinary effect on my family. For nearly 15 years I experienced first my father and then my mother living with and ultimately dying of cancer in the prime of their lives. It won’t deny how difficult it was. To lose both my parents to cancer still seems incomprehensible. But now, rather than the tears, I remember the love and the laughter and the many lessons I learnt from my parents. They were both remarkable people with unbreakable spirits, even when they were looking death squarely in the eye.

I am going to be doing a revised edition of this book in the future, so if anyone who is in the original book sees this blog, please contact me! I would love to hear from you.


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