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New Year, New You?

This is the time of the year for New Year resolutions, and typically they involve things like quitting smoking or losing weight. Well, before you start that diet consider this from my book, FEAST OR FAMINE:

There seems no definitive reason why our culture has become so obsessed with thinness. In today’s society there is little appreciation of diversity in body size. As Marion Crook says in her book The Body Image Trap, ‘The perfect body is only one type, only one size. It is a size ten. You may be accepted if you are smaller, but not if you are larger. To be feminine today is to be thin.’

Since only about eight percent of the female population is a natural size 10 – and an estimated 47 percent are naturally a size 16 or larger – this type of belief puts a huge amount of pressure on women. I wonder how future generations will view our obsessive dieting culture where thin is given the moral value of being good, and fat is bad.

Instead of dieting in 2014, aim to eat nutritious food and eat with your health in mind, not losing weight. Accept yourself for the gorgeous person you already are and enjoy 2104 with a confident smile.


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