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A great little Nipper

‘I like animals because they’re honest. And I like animals because through their love comes trust, absolute and given.’ Bob Kerridge

Pets are valuable member of a family. Loving us unconditionally, they lavish us with affection and bless us with their company. They bring joy to children and can become close companions to the older person. They delight us with their quirky antics and they comfort us in times of trouble just be their presence. Having a cat curled up on you lap and taking your dog for a walk on the beach on a summer’s day are two of the simple pleasures in life.

Here’s a lovely story from LOVE IN AOTEOROA:

‘My dog is a Jack Russell. He’s named Nipper, or Nip for short, not because he bites, but because he is a little nipper. I wasn’t expecting to get a puppy. It was quite a surprise. My son gave him to me not long after my wife passed away. Nip was only three or four months at the time. He was going around the house making little pools, like they do at that age. At first I wasn’t sure about having a dog, but new he is such a member of the family. Nip is a very affectionate little dog and he is extremely smart. He is a really good companion.

I enjoy with affection. He has a habit of lying down with his head on my foot. He follows me around everywhere; he is like a little shadow now. He will also jump up on the table and lean over and lick the side of my face. It is the equivalent of a kiss in dog language, when they lick you like that. And he gives my ear just a little tiny gentle nip. A love nip.

He had an accident a while ago. Nip crossed the road and got run over. He’s a bit more cautious now – and I keep him a lot closer. When he came home from the vet’s, he had his little back leg tied up in a sling and the other leg on the front was in plaster. I thought I’d have to lift him over to his bowl and round the house. Not him! Nip just hopped around the house on two legs!

He has this habit of sitting up on his bottom with his paws up like a meerkat. I keep telling him that his grandfather must have been a meerkat. He will come in and stand like that when I am reading the newspaper. He will look me straight in the eye as if to say, ‘“Time for a walk.” I talk to him quite a bit. People listening in would think the old fella’s gone around the twist.

We have a strong bond. He is a very faithful little dog. He’s now four and we’ve got to know each other really well. We are living together all of the time, so naturally we have a bond. I certainly wouldn’t like to do without him now.’ He’s a great mate. Bob, 83


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