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Fashion fiascos to avoid

Here’s some common fashion fiascos to avoid from my book UNLEASH YOUR INNER SEDUCTRESS:

Being a label slave.

You don’t need to dress yourself in designer labels from head to toe to present your inner seductress. In fact, being a slave to brands reveals that you have money, but you don’t know how to spend it and that you lack imagination. Develop a seductive style whereby you mix designer clothing with vintage and chain-store clothing for an individual look that better expresses the person you really are. Try to avoid having the maker’s name emblazoned on every piece of clothing you own, unless you have shares in their company.

Dressing in masculine, shapeless clothing.

Shapeless clothing hides not just your figure, but your personality also. Throw out the baggy jeans, trousers and loose fitting tops that erase any sign of feminine curve. Choose clothing that fit and flatter your shape – and don’t be scared of wearing skirts and dresses.

Dressing too eccentrically.

If you look like you have been in the dress-up box again, and your clothes are a misguided mismatch of colour, pattern and style, you may want to take another look at what you are wearing. Your inner seductress would be better served by a stylish, quirky individual who has an educated eye, rather than someone who simply dresses loudly and badly. One key to successful eccentric dressing is combining colours that clash well together, such as turquoise with bright lime green, instead of colours that don’t work together, such as bright yellow and vivid purple. Another key is to have one simple, plain flattering item (such as a pair of trousers or skirt) as a base for the other more eye-catching clothing items. Beware of overdoing the jewellery – you don’t want to look like a badly decorated Christmas tree.


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