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Why it is important to care for others

Some gems from LOVE IN AOTEAROA:

Something that rises

beneath the curved

ribs, catching the

updraft of vision.

Unending kite

on the string

of love.

Bob Orr

‘It is important to do things for other people because some people can’t do things for themselves and they need help. And if you help others you also feel good about yourself. You don’t feel all mean and selfish. And sometimes you gain more friends.’ Lizzie, 10

‘I reckon different people have different qualities so what you do is you get lots of people and then as a group you can do things together to help others.’ Esther, 10

‘It is easy to care for your partner, your family and your friends – would sort of person would you be if you didn’t? But it is a special person who steps out their front door and seeks out others to care for. I know my wife goes out of her way to visit an elderly neighbour for a cup of tea and a chat on a regular basis because she knows this lady is lonely. That’s the sort of things I’m talking about.’ Max, 42


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