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Anniversaries and rituals

Celebrating anniversaries and creating rituals within your relationship will strengthen your bond, and is an important way of creating a fun and loving life together. Celebrate birthdays, anniversaries and every good piece of fortune that comes your way. Create special rituals within your relationship. Make beautiful memories together that you will always cherish.


  • Take turns planning romantic dates out – but don’t tell your partner what you are doing. Instead, keep them in a state of anticipation by leaving them small clues. Write notes, leave phone messages and only reveal the details little by little. Anticipation is a key factor in making the date more fun!

  • Plant a tree in honour of your relationship and have picnics near it on a regular basis as you watch the tree, and your relationship, grow.

  • At least once a year explore one part of your local area and pretend to be tourists. Take in sights you have not seen before and end the day with dinner at a new restaurant.

  • Book to stay at a hotel for an evening and pretend this is the first time you have met each other. This is your chance to be a little over the top – and perhaps discover new things about each other.

  • On a tight budget? You can still look at the stars, recite poetry and write love letters. If you can’t travel overseas, instead have a travel evening and bring the world to you. With a bit of research you can create memorable evenings with the appropriate food, music and clothing. Spend a night in Paris, Venice, Tokyo or Vancover!

  • Create a time capsule that you intend to open in 20, 30 or 40 years time. Add to your capsule on a regular basis. Let it be a celebration of your many years together.

What ideas do you have?


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