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Casual flair

Dressing casually is no excuse for not being able to successfully reflect your inner seductress. There is no need to look like a slob, or dress too grungy just because your work has casual Fridays. Whether you are out socially with friends, at work, or at home with the family, you can still look sensational when dressed less formally.

Seductress ‘dress-down’ tips:

  • Use colour for casual effect. Keep away from black, navy or grey, as they all indicate serious business.

  • Look for relaxed fabrics like denim, leather or suede. However, keep the shapes tailored.

  • Layer your clothes. Casual jackets and fine knitted cardigans are useful for a smart casual look.

  • Use jewellery for fun and don’t be too formal in what you choose. This isn’t the time to wear a pearl necklace, but instead some quirky costume jewellery instead. A well-thought out bracelet or necklace can transform a casual outfit that would otherwise be boring into something distinctly feminine and fun.

  • Funky belts can work magic in creating a stylish casual look.

  • Invest in some fun, casual bags to accessorise with your casual wear. Make sure they are in interesting colours, not the traditional black, brown or navy.

  • Don’t wear baggy, shapeless jeans and tops. Be confident about dressing like a woman! Always wear clothes that are fitted and are flattering.

  • Wear your hair in a more casual style. If you usually wear it up, then wear it down. If you usually wear it down, then sling it into a pony tail. Experiment with casual hats and sunglasses.

  • It may seem obvious, but if your casual clothes need washing, then wash them. If they need ironing then iron them. You get the point! There is no point looking rumpled or dirty just because you are wearing casual clothes. Keep your clothes in good shape at all times.


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