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The wonder of pets

In my book LOVE IN AOTEOROA a number of people talk about how important pets are to them:

‘My mum told me we had to get home quickly before my gift melted. I thought I was going to get a big ice cream. I went into my bedroom and I had to shut my eyes. I wondered why she made me close my eyes if it was ice cream. And then there was this squirming, wiggling furry thing. It was a little puppy! It was the best surprise ever. I’ve had him now for a couple of years and he is the best dog in the world.’ Andrew, 10

‘The thing I love best about my cat Jazz is that she is fun. She loves chasing balls and running around the room. She also likes to sit on my lap. She has a really loud purr when I pat her.’ Suzie, 12

‘What I love most about my cat Ebony is the closeness we share and the comfort she gives me in times of trouble. Ebony is really the child I will never have. Most of my affection is poured into her (even though it is a little bit too much for her sometimes!).’ Helen, mid-40s

‘Dogs give you unconditional love. You can come home in a bad mood and be grumpy or unkind and they will still love you. They will always forgive you.’ Mike, 50s


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