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The allure of confidence

Feeling unconfident in life? Here are some suggestions from UNLEASH YOUR INNER SEDUCTRESS for improving your confidence levels:

  • Think positive. If you think you are interesting, other people will find you interesting. Think happy thoughts, be enthusiastic and positive. Focus on your potential instead of your limitations. Instead of being scared of failure, think of being successful and happy. Envision a confident self, and you soon will be one for real.

  • Look confident. Dress so you feel more confident, stand tall and use open body language.

  • Sound confident. Talk with conviction and keep the tone of your voice positive. Use confident language and don’t put yourself down.

  • Find something you like to do and do well. Keep doing it over and over! This is a wonderful way to build natural self-confidence.

  • Accept compliments. Often people will only accept compliments that fit with their own narrow self-image. For example, if you think you are good at sport and people compliment you for that, you can accept those compliments. However, if someone compliments you for having lovely hair and you don’t like your hair, you may find it difficult to believe the person. Take all compliments graciously and use them as a way of changing your self-perception.

  • Note the things that make you distinctive. Instead of focussing on how to be more like the rest of the crowd, instead look at all the ways you are different and what makes you unique. Having your own style will make you confident, following others will not. Don’t be chained by other people’s expectations, dare to be unique and special.

  • Avoid needless comparisons, especially about how you look. Don’t compare yourself with models in magazines, movie stars and singers. They have an army of people around them to help them achieve their look. If you are feeling glum, go to your nearest airport. If you take a look around you will note how average most people look.

  • Build a network of friends who support you. Good friends are nurturing and will help you grow in confidence. Surround yourself with people who make you feel good and build you up. Don’t be with anyone who puts you down.


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