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The three A's of friendship

Here’s some useful tips for successful friendships from my book UNLEASH YOUR INNER SEDUCTRESS:

Accept others. This doesn’t mean lowering your personal standards, it simply means being tolerant of other people. Everyone likes to be around people they feel relaxed with, where they can be themselves and not be worry about being criticized. Accepting others means letting people be themselves, despite any shortcomings. In the same way, you can be yourself also.

Approve of others. This goes beyond accepting people to actively finding all the traits that you like about someone else. People enjoy basking in the approval of others, so that is why a positive person who praises other people (for genuine reasons) is so much nicer to be around than a negative person who is always finding fault. Find small but significant things to compliment other people about.

Appreciate others. Your friends should be valuable to you, so always treat them with the respect they deserve. Treat them as the special people they are. Be courteous – don’t keep them waiting if you are planning to meet them. Remember the special events in their lives, their anniversaries and birthdays. Celebrate their successes and commiserate with them over their losses. Thank them for being in your life. Always hold them in esteem.


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