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What seductress type are you?

Here are some fun examples of famous seductress types from my book UNLEASH YOUR INNER SEDUCTRESS:

The key to unleashing your inner seductress is to reflect your own individuality when you do so. Don’t look to the latest catwalk crazes or ideals of beauty; instead create your own signature style that best reflects your inner self. Everyone is unique, but following are some classic seductress types to consider:

Au natural and casual

Think of American actress Sandra Bullock or English actress Emma Thompson. You like comfortable and casual clothing. You enjoy playing sports and being outdoors. You might wear make-up, but you like to look like you aren’t wearing cosmetics as you prefer the barefaced look. You are not interested in walking around in uncomfortable high heels. You don’t bother with accessories. You only spend a few minutes getting ready everyday, and you don’t like going to formal, dressy events. You have a ‘go with the flow’ attitude to life. Any beauty products you buy will be tried and true, and you probably won’t bother with having a haircut every six weeks. The inner seductress in you is relaxed, fun and down-to-earth, and this is reflected in your easy-going looks and approach to life. You are practical and unfussy.

Sophisticated and classic

Think of legendary icon Audrey Hepburn or Italian actress Isabella Rossellini. You are quietly confident, rather than brassy and bold. You always look wonderful and have great attention to detail. Your grooming is always perfect. You are uncomfortable in very casual clothes and like stylish, quality clothing. You like to spend time thinking and you are always well prepared and organised. You probably spend time researching health, beauty and fashion ideas see what best suits you and you are likely to shop with a list. The inner seductress in you is an elegant lady – intelligent, charming and always with impeccable taste.


Think of English celebrity Victoria Beckham or Icelandic singer Bjork. You are confident and enjoy standing out from the crowd. You are a mover and a shaker that other people follow. You don’t like playing second fiddle. You take time to carefully cultivate your image. You are a natural leader, and will be very focussed on what you want in life. You will insist on the best of all health, beauty and fashion products. The inner seductress in you is outgoing, sometimes controversial, but always visionary. You have a sense of style that is all your own. You are trend-setting and will be noticed.

Creative and playful

Think of American singers Alicia Keys or Jewel. You are comfortable with being a woman and you like to express your femininity. You enjoy texture and pattern and you use accessories to express some flair, always adding a personal touch to everything you wear. You are extremely social and are a fun person to be around. Your bathroom is likely to be filled with unused products and you are the ultimate impulsive shopper. You will probably change your hairstyle often. You often wear clothing that is vintage or ethnic. The inner seductress in you is imaginative, romantic and warm.

Hot tip: These are only some seductress style ideas. You can think of yourself as romantic, flirtatious, erotic, professional and business-like, sporty or academic. Take time to think about who you are on the inside and let your look and body language reflect the real you.


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